Live-Blogging: Clinton Speech

Sen. Hillary Clinton is speaking at the American Society of Newspaper Editors’ Meeting.

  • Clinton is introduced by Gilbert Bailon, outgoing ASNE president and editorial page editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

  • Clinton jokes that she could pick a newspaper editor as her veep. “[Bailon]’s given me a good idea of where to find a running mate: People used to answering the phone at 3 in the morning.”

  • “This speech is entirely off the record.” (Laughter)

  • “I want to thank newspaper publishers collectively for one of my favorite headlines of all time, which has given me great strength and encouragement over the last months: Dewey Beats Truman.” (Laughter) “I often recall it as I’m traveling place to place around our great country.”

  • “The Bush administration has dramatically widened the definition of classified information to shield more and more material from public scrutiny.”

  • “The Bush administration has conducted illegal activities and stonewalled efforts of the people and the Congress to discover them and to hold the administration accountable.”

  • “When I am president, I will empower the federal government to operate from a presumption of openness, not secrecy. That’s why I am a sponsor of the Free Flow of Information Act.”

  • “I will restore openness in government. When I am president, the era of Bush-Cheney secrecy will be over.”

  • Only applause line thus far: “I’ll end the practice of using executive privilege as a shield against the public’s right to know and Congress’s duty to oversee the president.”