live-android: LiveCD for Android – Boot from USB or Install in a Virtual Machine

So, you’d like to play around with the Google Android OS on a netbook or notebook but don’t have the time to fuss with hacking it yourself. What to do? What to do? How about booting Google Android from a Live CD or installing it on a virtual machine? Would that be just as good? It sure sounds good to me. If this seems interesting to you, check out this project over on the Google Code site…

live-android – A LiveCD for Android

You need to download two files and then join them into a single ISO files according to the documentation. The HOWTO documentation tells you how to join the files. The docs also note that it should work as a Guest OS under VMware or VirtualBox. VirtualBox has free ready to install binaries for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. So, you might want to consider that as a handy tool for virtualizing Android. This looks like a likely weekend project for me. Of course, it is only Monday. So, plans may change over the next few days 🙂