Little World Gifts Lets Facebook Users Send Virtual Gifts On The iPhone

-Little World Gifts-Last week we discussed an application that lets users host their own white elephant party which works great for those in offices or among family members. If you aren’t in an office or simply want to share gifts with your friends, there’s now a great solution for Facebook users that own an iPhone: Little World Gifts. The application actually requires that you use Facebook in order to use it.

Right now it appears that there are only 12 gifts however I’d assume that there are more gifts coming in the future. I’ve never used any other gift applications for the iPhone but I can definitely see this being useful. Given that the gifts also show up in your Facebook profile, this appears to be a great Facebook gifting solution. The only thing that I could see becoming an issue is if Facebook decides to include their gifting application within the Facebook iPhone app.

For the time being, Little World Gifts has some well designed gifts and the integration with Facebook Connect is smooth. In the process of trying to purchase a gift .. While there are countless gifting applications on Facebook, this is the first that I’ve seen for the iPhone. I think providing a few free gifts would help the application grow quickly, however there may be enough content to get the application off the ground.

Virtual gift applications tend to be popular during the holiday season and with the cost of gifts being extremely low, this is a great way to send gifts to your friends from your phone. When you send a gift to a friend, it’s immediately posted on their wall (as shown in the picture below). If you’re interested in checking out the Little World Gifts application you can download it now on your iPhone.

-Little World Gifts Screenshot-

-Little World Gifts Feed Screenshot-