Little War, Hero, Milmo and More on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

None of the apps on this week’s AppData list of emerging Facebook games, those still under a million monthly active users, has made any outstanding gains. But Little War, the leader, has certainly done well enough with its nearly 300,000 new MAU.

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Little War878,692+298,633+61%
2. Trial Madness 2635,585+227,613+63%
3. Hero732,460+209,535+48%
4. Galaxy X739,384+184,632+37%
5. Paradise Life561,320+165,801+49%
6. Crazy Cabbie764,308+127,819+21%
7. Horse Saga623,995+127,072+27%
8. David Guetta, Play with it!495,622+117,592+33%
9. MilMo214,378+112,578+344%
10. Dragons of Atlantis556,128+110,908+28%
11. My Shops293,818+82,816+45%
12. Pool Master 2792,922+81,731+12%
13. Santa Yourself321,519+77,070+32%
14. Zombie Mosh241,370+76,245+57%
15. Downhill Snowboard536,910+74,408+17%
16. Fun Games199,314+72,553+70%
17. Tarjetas Animadas192,938+72,223+68%
18. Magic Mall222,248+71,435+58%
19. Classic Word Games366,515+69,030+25%
20. Gourmet Ranch522,486+67,445+15%

Little War is by Five Minutes, a Chinese developer that’s among the handful branching into English-language games. The game plateaued for a few weeks with around half a million MAU, but suddenly sprang up again about a week ago.

As has been the case for about a month now, several casual games are growing well: Trial Madness 2, Crazy Cabbie, Pool Master 2, Downhill Snowboard and Classic Word Games. Arguably, David Guetta, Play with it! falls into the category. The game is actually called Pump It!; it’s  a light-weight music app that we recently reviewed over on Inside Facebook.

At number three, Hero is doing well, following strong growth that we noted last week. Although rather rough, it’s an interesting take on the text RPG genre that mixes in concepts from online strategy games like Evony.

Most of the other games within the top 10 we’ve also reviewed, including Galaxy X (here) and Paradise Life (here). One we haven’t taken a deeper look at yet is MilMo, a 3D MMO that uses Unity. Milmo is an ambitious attempt at opening up a new genre on Facebook, and is so far showing decent results; unfortunately, it appears to be running into scaling issues that have turned some users off.