Little Russ & Larry

Tim Russert is on quite the publicity kick right now–in addition to being randomly featured on the cover of Amtrak’s in-seat magazine, he spent an hour with Larry King last night (who himself will be partaking of the Michael Jackson trial today).

On LKL, he talked about his father (“Big Russ”), Newsweek, and how’s he alternately a “left-wing lapdog” and a “right-wing madman,” according to who’s doing the complaining.

He also waxed poetic about truth, freedom, and the American way: “I respect politicians. I do. I think they give up an awful lot to enter that particular profession. It is an honorable profession, but in the same light, these are people who are extremely ambitious, and they’re extremely self-centered, and they want to be re-elected. And we are surrogates for the American people.”

Interesting, though, that for a man who says that he loves America, only mentioned his mom twice on LKL. He probably doesn’t even like apple pie.

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