Little Lot App Donates to Charity for Every Smartphone Wallpaper Ad You Download

Mobile advertising is expanding and growing in creativity as quickly as the device themselves. That said, most advertising schemes still come across as disruptive and annoying, simply because they interfere with our consumption of web media.

That’s where Little Lot comes in. It’s a New Zealand app that approaches advertising in a different way than most other apps. Rather than incentivizing the user with cash or rewards, the app donates to charitable organizations. What’s more, users have to actively engage in the ads by downloading as a wallpaper onto their device of choice.

Each sponsored wallpaper you receive on your computer or mobile generates a donation for your chosen cause. That means that you can raise around $25/year for your charity, or $250 between you if you can find 9 friends to join. It really shows that a lot of littles add up to a lot.

But being part of the Little Lot isn’t just about fundraising; it’s an opportunity to get to know your favourite charity a whole lot better. You’ll get regular wallpapers from your charity telling you all about the great work they’re doing, and how your efforts are helping.

The approach is fresh and empowering, if not also beneficial to all parties. Advertisers can share products with users who express interest in their company, charities get much needed funds, and users can feel a bit altruistic for changing their everyday background images. What’s not to like?

For now, the app is only available to New Zealand users, but you can sign up here to bring it to your country in the near future.