Little Cave Hero Developer Atakama Labs Acquired by DeNA

Chilean social game developer Atakama Labs was acquired by mobile-social giant DeNA today, the latter company announced via press release. The deal makes Atakama the first Latin American subsidiary in DeNA’s expanding global portfolio.

Atakama Labs stands out on Facebook with Little Cave Hero, an exploration and city-building game with a retro 8-bit art style and a wry sense of humor. An interesting component of the game is a “design studio” feature that allows user to generate decorative content that can be placed in their towns. This early experiment in user-generated content for Facebook games demonstrates a deeper level of thinking around social game innovation than most latecomers to the city-building genre.

As part of DeNA, Atakama will contribute development support for the Mobage mobile-social game platform as well as engineering support for first- and third-party games out of Ngmoco, DeNA’s mobile subsidiary acquired last spring. It’s not immediately clear what will happen to Little Cave Hero on Facebook post-acquisition; our AppData traffic tracking service reflects a sharp decline in monthly and daily active users for the past three months. At its peak, the game enjoyed just over 500,000 MAU and 48,000 DAU.