A Little Birdy Tells Us…

WJLA will lose their Politico neighbors in Rosslyn as the sale of the TV station becomes complete. Politico is on the prowl for a new workspace. This is nothing anyone has to get antsy about now. The move will likely transpire at the end of the year or early next. The real desire, among most Politico reporters, a source tells us, is that they get the hell out of Rosslyn and move downtown D.C. or elsewhere in the District.

“It was a hilarious transition to watch the two worlds of Politico and ABC7/NC8 merge,” WJLA’s Rebecca Cooper told FishbowlDC. “I was on maternity leave and one of my best friend photographers called me. He said ‘These new people always are in such a hurry! There’s a guy who rushes through the newsroom every day looking like he really has to go to the bathroom.'”

Guess who it was…

Cooper continued, “I knew instantly it was Mikey. And it was. Now there’s lots of love between the two sides. We have friends on both sides and really respect what they have accomplished. Plus, we get some nice shout-outs in Playbook. Who wouldn’t love that? It’s going to be sad to breakup the family. Admittedly it’s such a big family we don’t even know everyone’s names on both sides. But it’s been a great ride together.”

This past year Politico and WJLA Newschannel8 won a joint Cronkite award for political news coverage. “Bruce DePuyt keeps one of the trophies from that award on his desk,” said Cooper of the WJLA producer. “We do television better than they do and they do political reporting better than we do. But I think we’ve both raised the bar for the other.”

Shots fired?