Lit Agent Ryan Fischer Embraces Digital Publishing

Not all literary agents are against eBooks. While Andrew Wylie has been holding off on eBook deals, other agents are embracing digital publishing.
Today our sibling blog GalleyCat has an interview with literary agent Ryan Fischer and he had some positive things to say about digital publishing.
Fischer told GalleyCat: “Digital books are awesome. I echo the believers. Last week, in Virginia Heffernan’s NYT magazine story, she said she couldn’t even remember purchasing books on her ereader. It’s my observation, and it is not scientific, that buying is the new browsing, thanks to the ease of purchasing ebooks. Thankfully Apple loosened Amazon’s pricing pressures.”
Last month, Peter McGuigan, co-founder of the literary agency Foundry, told eBookNewser that like paperbacks, eBooks expand the number of books authors can sell.