Fox’s ‘Prison Break’ Was Upfronts’ Big Social Media Winner

Fox’s Prison Break broke the Internet during last month’s upfront presentations by broadcast networks.

Fox’s Prison Break broke the Internet during last month’s upfront presentations by broadcast networks.

Data analytics provider ListenFirst Media examined the impact of TV shows and trailers across more than 40 social and digital platforms from May 16 through 22, and it found that Prison Break tallied more than 10.3 million digital engagements—likes, posts, comments, tweets, shares, etc.—during the period, with its trailer drawing 1.5 million Reactions on Facebook and more than 7 million views on YouTube.

Fox was responsible for five of the 10 most engaging shows at the 2016 upfronts, according to ListenFirst Media, with Son of Zorn, Lethal Weapon, The Exorcist and 24: Legacy joining Prison Break.

NBC made some upfront noise, as well, as the network was the most talked about on Twitter and Facebook, nearly tripling conversation about all other broadcast networks, and the trailer for This Is Us topped the list of most-viewed trailers, with more than 46 million combined views across Facebook and YouTube.

The most engaging upfront content, in terms of total post interactions, according to ListenFirst Media, was:

  1. Prison Break, Fox, official upfront trailer, YouTube, 7,695,777
  2. This Is Us, NBC, official upfront trailer, YouTube, 5,947,979
  3. Timeless, NBC, official upfront trailer, YouTube, 5,127,556
  4. Star Trek, CBS, teaser and logo reveal trailer, YouTube, 2,690,988
  5. Son of Zorn, Fox, official upfront trailer, YouTube, 1,699,149

The most-viewed trailers on Facebook and YouTube combined were:

  1. This Is Us, NBC, 47,021,068
  2. Prison Break, Fox, 30,693,677
  3. Timeless, NBC, 14,337,882
  4. Speechless, ABC, 6,645,537
  5. The Good Place, NBC, 6,421,525

Broadcast networks, by total Facebook and Twitter mentions:

  1. NBC, 28,411
  2. Fox, 10,698
  3. ABC, 9,530
  4. The CW, 4,562
  5. CBS, 324

Finally, the top 10 shows by ListenFirst Media’s proprietary digital audience ratings for television, which measure upfront content that resonated most across Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube and Wikipedia:

  1. Prison Break, Fox, 10,356
  2. This Is Us, NBC, 6,156
  3. Timeless, NBC, 5,148
  4. Star Trek, CBS, 2,592
  5. Son of Zorn, Fox, 1,701
  6. Lethal Weapon, Fox, 1,648
  7. The Exorcist, Fox, 1,540
  8. The Good Place, NBC, 1,535
  9. 24: Legacy, Fox, 1,465
  10. Speechless, ABC, 1,252

Readers: Did you post about the upfronts on social media? David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.