Listen Up, Guys: The Return of the Power Suit, No Apologies

It’s only inevitable that the Wall Street Journal would give major space to an article about the power suit. Its power. Its return with no apologies offered. So influential, that young legal eagles are forgoing the opportunity to dress casual at work and dress up in the tailored suit and shirt, ties, suspenders, black socks, and the perpetually shiny shoes. The new lawyers are looking up to their bosses, who come dressed to win always, stay late, and look impeccable no matter the hour (quite contrary to the new White House dress code as set by President Obama. Staffers don’t have to wear jackets on the job. The horror!) It’s all 80s clothes now -the Gordon Gekko crisp shirts and the yellow ties from the era, tweaked to what the Internet generation sees on style websites such as the Sartorialist.

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