Listen to Music Via Streamdrag Thanks to YouTube

For those of you familiar with, this Web site is a similar concept but with more control over the songs. Streamdrag is powered by YouTube and allows you to search for your favorite songs and best of all, listen for free.

All you have to do is the following:

1. Type in your favorite artist and/or the title of your favorite song.
2. Either press play or add to playlist.
3. And then enjoy.

However, either this website was having technical difficulties or my computer wasn’t synched up with the programs necessary to play the songs. First off, it took a full minute of buffering. When the song finally showed up as playing, there was only silence.

At the moment there is support for the following browsers:

* – Firefox
* – Safari
* – Chrome
* – Internet Explorer 7

The following browsers still encounter some problems:

* – Opera 9

Not supported browsers:

* – Internet Explorer 6
* – Internet Explorer 5
* – AOL (IE 6)

The other complaint is I couldn’t figure out a way to save my playlist. There was no way to create an account, and thus save a playlist to your unique user name. Instead, if I accidentally clicked refresh or on the “streamdrag” icon, my playlist disappeared.

My summary: This website started off with high hopes and great potential, but it fell flat. To be successful, this Web site needs to be able to actually play the songs and there also needs to be a way to save personal playlists.