Listen In on the CAF’s Assemblage of Top Architecture Critics


It’s the Wednesday before what’s sure to turn into something like a very long, two-week holiday weekend, even if you have to be in the office for some of that period. So let’s keep it going with the multimedia. Chicago Public Radio was there last month to record one of the best events we’ve attended by the Chicago Architecture Foundation, “A Conversation with the Critics: Imagining the Future of the City.” You might remember us telling you a bit about it before the event, how great it would be, and it definitely was. You won’t have the benefit of seeing the slides that went along with the presentations, or understanding how handsome Christopher Hawthorne is, but we can’t imagine that’ll stop you from wanting to listen to the whole thing, particularly with a lineup as great as it had:

Participants: Christopher Hawthorne with the Los Angeles Times, Paul Goldberger with the New Yorker, Sarah Williams Goldhagen with the New Republic, and Blair Kamin with the Chicago Tribune.

Edward Lifson, the cultural critic and creator of Chicago Public Radio’s Hello Beautiful, moderates the panel.

If you listen extra close, you might even be able to hear our clapping. We were sitting toward the front, stage left.