LISTEN: A Twitter Love Song…Sort Of

You know Twitter has fully permeated pop culture when a hip hop song is written about it. Possibly taking the lead from Sean Kingston’s “Follow Me” homage to Twitter last year, this new song from Twista and Cam’ron “Follow You On Twitter” is about love from afar – from following Tweets, in fact.

The sentiment in the song is actually kind of sweet, in its own way. It’s about a guy who is in love with a girl, “because I like your persona and what you be about, your opinions and your thoughts and your views and the way you wreck them down…”

He’s reading her Tweets every morning, seven days a week, and admires this “intellectual female…even when [she’s] bitter”… on Twitter.

You can listen to the song here:

Singing about love through a social network might be a bit cheesy, but I’m sure some of us have been there before. Young crushes on someone because of their thoughts on Twitter, Facebook or in emails they send to you at 2 in the morning happen! And this song captures a bit of the unrequited love that could erupt if you do fall in love with someone you follow on Twitter.