Platform Update: Developers Can Pull List of Granted Permissions, Reference Doc Improvements

The Platform Update published today on the Facebook Developers Blog announced that developers can now pull the list of permissions a user has granted their application using the Graph API. It also outlined a new commitment on Facebook’s part to improve its Graph API, FQL, FBML, and SDK reference documentation.

By calling “…” in conjunction with a user object, developers can see the complete list of permissions a user has currently granted one of their apps. This can be useful for determining what kind of new functionality could be added without asking for new permissions. It can also be used to check if a user has retracted any permissions at a later date through the applications privacy dashboard.

Previously, this functionality was encompassed in the the REST API’s users.hasAppPermission call. However, Facebook is deprecating the REST API, and is transitioning its functionality to the Graph API.

Developers Blog Platform Updates will now include data about reference documentation improvements so developers can track Facebook’s progress in bringing them up to date and fleshing them out with examples. As this project is completed it should help reduce developer reliance on forums and other informal documentation and make the Developers site a more comprehensive resource. Facebook also moved the dev site onto the same hosts as, significantly lowering latency as shown below.

Despite Facebook’s Operation: Developer Love and Roach Motel days, this week’s Developer Forum activity data shows that of 448 new topics, only 3 were answered by a Facebook employee. This means that few questions are being met with official answers, making it harder for smaller developers to progress development on their apps.

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