Lisa Scottoline On The Writing Process At Thrillerfest


Lisa Scottoline, author of eBooks Look Again and Think Twice, gave a very supportive pep talk to aspiring authors at Thrillerfest this morning. Showing off her rejection letters, Scottoline told attendees at the conference to take some advice from Nike and, “Just do it.”

How did Scottoline write a book while working full time as a lawyer? She started with the basics, dedicating an allotted amount of time each day to the writing process and putting a lot of emotion into it.

Scottoline does not write outlines. Instead she writes a 7 word sentence describing her story and always refers back to that during the writing process. For example, Think Twice is, “An evil twin steals the life of her twin sister” and Look Again. Is “A reporter learns that her adopted child may have been kidnapped.”

And for authors ready to send their manuscripts. Scottoline shared her agency’s address, The Friedberg Agency, 136 E 57th, 19th floor, NY, NY 10022.