Lisa Ling Swoops Down on the Swingers Community

One of the brightest spots on OWN remains Our America, the investigative news magazine hosted and reported by Lisa Ling. Why just this past Tuesday, for example, she was at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles to accept an honor from non-profit Shelter Partnership for her coverage of the homeless.

Per a report in the New York Post by Linda Stasi, one of Ling’s next topics is of a very different stripe. The episode is all about this country’s estimated community of 15 million swingers:

How did Ling feel being an observer to the absurd? “I’ve covered war zones in Afghanistan and Iraq, and, frankly,” she said, “I’ve never been this uncomfortable.” That’s because she’s a “vanilla” — the swinger term for someone who observes without participating.

But make no mistake, Ling says she likes everyone she met and has done a helluva job recording it all without being in the least judgmental. Me? I would have been thrown out for laughing.

The August 21 episode focuses on three couples, including a wealthy, retired Arizona pair with three grown children who just finally got into “the lifestyle.”

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