Lisa Kudrow Cracks on Useless Flacks

If The Hill had a publicist or even an intern who emailed out interesting stories published in the paper or even tweeted them online, then anyone in Washington might know about them. As it is, that doesn’t happen. This week we dug through the site with a shovel and found this “20 Questions” interview with former “Friends” star Lisa Kudrow from late Tuesday. She’s in a political-themed show called “Web Therapy.” In her interview with the Capitol Hill pub, it becomes clear that Kudrow thinks that politicians are both too scripted and ill-advised. No doubt flacks on the hill are going to love this.

Have you ever played a politician? Would you consider it?

“I haven’t played a politician before, and I wouldn’t know how to do it without making it a joke. I’ve watched them, and they seem like jokes to me, they all seem like [“Saturday Night Live”] characters. No one’s even advising them, nor are they attempting to be real people. That’s what’s crazy to me. At some point, you’d think people would say, ‘No one’s going to buy that,’ but they don’t. And it’s working.”

Read the rest of the interview. But keep expectations low. There are no follow-ups. Some of the questions are painfully mediocre, like, “Have you ever played a politician and would you consider it?” She never really answers the question. There’s also the obvious, “Would you ever run for office?” That’s a big fat no. Some of Kudrow’s answers are jumbled and rambling and hard to understand. Most of this interview is vanilla-infused. Another irritation: Why no picture of Kudrow to accompany the bulky text? But so be it. Read here.