An Outpouring of Love for Deceased Cancer Blogger Lisa Bonchek Adams

The Connecticut mother of three, first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, passed away late Friday.

Late Friday night, Lisa Bonchek Adams’ long and very public battle with breast cancer came to an end. She died peacefully at her Connecticut home at 9:45 p.m. She was 45.

The comments flowing into the blog where Adams connected with people far and wide are full of sadness, yes, but also lots of love and admiration. They are a testament to her feisty and generous spirit. Here is part of one comment left by NPR blogger and College of William and Mary anthropology professor Barbara J. King:

You know how very many people Lisa has touched with her amazing mind and heart, and I just want you to know how much of a difference she made to me also. The very night (May 9, 2013) of my diagnosis with a rare form of uterine cancer (papillary serous carcinoma), I reached out to Lisa because we had some time before begun chatting via Twitter.

Within hours Lisa was there for me – someone she had never met – giving me her thoughts, some asked-for advice and a great deal of vicarious strength. We kept in touch through my treatment and during Lisa’s continuing treatments, although much less so lately. When I wrote about cancer at my NPR blog Lisa’s voice was the strongest and smartest of all.

Over these years – before and after my finding out that I had cancer also – I read not only about Lisa’s disease, her way of meeting it head-on, her straight-on approach to speaking with the media or medical students or whomever was ready to listen – but about all of you, in what Lisa wanted to share with the wider world.

I send you all my condolences and also my joy at all the love in your family. Lisa’s impact on all of us will live on for a very long time.


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