What's Better Than Milli Vanilli? 10 Hilarious Lip Dub Videos On YouTube!

There’s no question about it – lip dub videos are awesome. Lip dubbing first made a name for itself on the web video scene back in 2007, when a group of people at Connected Ventures made their own lip synching music video for Harvey Danger’s Flagpole Sitta. The video was created in one take and followed people around the office lip-synching to the song. Since the Flagpole Sitta lip dub, a barrage of copycats have hit YouTube and a lot of them are quite impressive. Offices, universities and even celebrities have jumped on the lip dub bandwagon. We’ve put together ten of our favorites. Check ’em out after the jump, and feel free to “synch” along!

Lip Dub – Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger

Here it is! The lip dub that started it all! Kudos to the folks at Connected Ventures for starting such an awesome YouTube trend.

LipDub Facult̩ de Droit РUdeM 2009

This lip dub of The Offspring’s ‘Pretty Fly For a White Guy’ was made by the students at the Law Faculty of Université de Montréal in Quebec. Canada’s future lawyers really put in all the stops on this one, with amazing costumes and great performances.

LipDub Alphabeat – Fascination UAM 2009

People are making lip dubs all over the world. This great ‘Fascination’ lip dub was created at Adam Mickiewicz’s University in Poland!

LIPDUB – I Gotta Feeling (Comm-UQAM 2009)

Now we’ll head back to Quebec, where the students put together yet another fantastic lip dub. This one is for the Black Eyed Peas ‘I Gotta Feeling’ and is the most popular lip dub on YouTube with over 6.8 million views!

Lip Dub Axe Sud Toulouse 2010

This lip dub clip has a mere 19,000 views, which is far less than the other clips on our list. However, I think it’s one of the best. Created by students at a French graphic arts school called Axe Sud Toulouse, this is one of the most creative lip dubs I’ve seen.

Shorewood Lip Dub

High schoolers in Shoreline, WA put together one of the most popular lib dub clips on YouTube, which has been viewed over 1.3 million times so far. One of the coolest things about this clip is that it was shot entirely in reverse! You can check out the “forward” version here. I can’t wait for these kids to finish high school, graduate from college and get into the viral video industry. Creativity like this is few and far between.

LIPDUB – Hey Soul Sister – UVIC 2010

Advertising and Public Relations students at the University of Vic (UVIC) put together this great lip dub of ‘Hey Soul Sister’ in May of this year. I especially like the gymnastic mat domino effect at 1:30.

Lipdub HEC 2008

This lip dub clip incorporates motion graphic effects into the single shot motif, adding a little more excitement to the mix (as if lip dub clips weren’t exciting enough already!). Also, gotta admit that I love the song choice…”Suckin’ too hard on your lollipop, hey love’s gonna get you down!”

LipDUB SGH 2009 – Polish Lip Dub – Footloose – Warsaw School of Economics

What I really love about these lip dub clips is that a lot of them come from groups that you wouldn’t necessarily consider as being the “creative” types. For instance, this clip comes from the Warsaw School of Economics. Who would pair economics with viral video? Would you?

If We Ever Meet Again – Lipdub Israel 2010

This lip dub is close to my heart because it was shot in the Dizengoff Center mall in Tel Aviv, a location that I visit very often. It’s really cool to watch a video like this in a place that you are familiar with. Have you been in any of the locations where these ten videos were shot?