Lions and Tigers on Plates, Oh My!

Last week
, designer Chris Rubino dished about the plate he created especially for vegetarians, certain to be stuffed in organic cotton stockings everywhere this Christmas. Today we’re pleased to show you this exclusive photo of the plate, which is adorned with black and white illustrations of a wildlife menagerie. We bet that lion would look great with some arugula, to say nothing of a raspberry vinaigrette!

rubino.jpg“It just arrived in stores, or should I say store, or a chain of stores to be most accurate,” says Rubino, of the item’s appearance on shelves at Urban Outfitters, where it will be sold exclusively as part of their “artist series” (which has also featured the work of Christopher Bettig, Wary Meyers Decorative Arts, and Rachel T. Robertson). The plate is the first in a series of products that Rubino has designed for UO. To whet your appetite for more, we present this photo of Chris and a goalie taking a coffee break under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. We’ll leave you to ponder the significance of the goalie’s team: the Unicorns. Having conquered conventional fauna, are mythical creatures next up on Rubino’s drawing board? Our fingers are crossed.