LinuxWorld Says No Microsoft Windows for Smartbooks But Doesn’t Consider Windows CE

Smartbooks is a category name that some people are using to describe computers that are smaller than netbooks. They physically resemble to Windows CE based Handheld PCs that sold from late 1996 through about 2001.

An article in LinuxWorld proclaimed…

Microsoft won’t offer Windows for smartbooks

…and then goes on to predict that: The OS maker doesn’t plan to offer Windows versions for the machines leaving the market to Linux and Android.

Quite honestly, I like what I’ve seen in Ubuntu Netbook Remix since installing it on one of my netbooks. And, I’ve been very curious to see what running a netbook (or smartbook) based on Android would be like. But, I wouldn’t count Microsoft out of the Smartbook game just because Windows Vista and Windows 7 do not support the ARM processor that many believe will define the hardware base of Smartbooks. Why? Remember those Handheld PCs I mentioned a few sentences ago? Guess which processor Windows CE 6.1 runs just fine on? Did you guess ARM? Yep, you would be right.

There’s talk of Intel’s Moblin Linux getting to the 5-second boot times. Well, Windows CE on my old Handheld PC started and suspended instantly… So, how about zero boot time?

Will we actually see Windows CE on Smartbooks? I have no idea and would guess we will not. However, I maintain it would be a good idea since there are many experience former Windows CE Handled PC developers and current Windows Mobile developers that could step right up and deliver lots of nice apps for such a device.