LinkedIn’s Intelligent Hiring Experience Will Debut Late This Summer

Core tools Recruiter, Jobs and Pipeline Builder are being combined into a single platform

LinkedIn's new Recommended Candidates tab LinkedIn

LinkedIn will rebuild its core hiring tools—LinkedIn Recruiter, Linkedin Jobs and Pipeline Builder—into a single platform later this year, Intelligent Hiring Experience.

The professional network is targeting a late-summer debut for Intelligent Hiring Experience, which will include more than 15 new product enhancements.

LinkedIn said recruiters will have access to all of their talent needs in one place, enabling them to collaborate more efficiently and increase productivity, as well as to seamlessly navigate from one step in the hiring process to the next.

On the job-seeker side, Intelligent Hiring Experience will continue its focus on mobile, including Instant Job Notifications—push notifications that alert members who have indicated that they are actively looking for a job when a new position is listed on LinkedIn.


Once recruiters create projects via Intelligent Hiring Experience, they will be able to use the Talent Pool tab to manage candidates and search results, job applications and media leads.

A new Recommended Candidates tab will learn what recruiters are seeking to fill a given role and automatically list relevant candidates, and LinkedIn said the tool will learn more with each candidate the recruiter engages with or chooses not to engage with.

LinkedIn Talent Solutions vice president of product management John Jersin wrote in a blog post, “We live in a world of increasingly intelligent products: Smart homes have lights, locks, doorbells and window blinds that can all communicate with us. Connectivity is at the heart of this growing shift toward intelligent tools. Much like the intelligent tools you use in your home, our core hiring tools will soon be able to talk to one another and leverage machine learning to simplify the hiring process.”


The professional network is introducing Shared InMails, enabling all members of the recruiting team to see the communications history with a candidate, add notes as they go and share messages by tagging co-workers with @ mentions.


LinkedIn also addressed the unfortunate part of the job-seeking experience from both ends: rejection.

A new feature will enable recruiters to send rejection messages to applicants, either individually or in bulk.

Jersin wrote, “Leaving applicants hanging is bad business. Virgin Media found that poor candidate experiences were costing the company as much as $5 million per year, and one survey showed that over 40 percent of candidates said that if they don’t hear back from a company, they’ll never apply to it again. No response is still a loud message, and it’s not the one you want to be sending.”


A new slide-in profile view feature enables recruiters to review candidate profiles without having to click back-and-forth and open and reopen tabs. Notes to colleagues can be added, and recruiters’ place in their search results will be retained.


And a new call to action on LinkedIn’s mobile application lets anyone at a company spread the word about open positions via the professional network’s feed.

Jersin concluded, “While moving these tools onto a single platform, we’re also taking the opportunity to address other customer needs and build some truly exciting new functionalities that will start rolling out midyear. In all, we will be releasing more than 15 new product enhancements for LinkedIn Recruiter and Jobs over the next few quarters. Some of our new features will help recruiters and their teams collaborate better, some will help them to be more productive and others will provide them with smarter results, but all of them are capabilities we can’t wait to get into your hands.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.