LinkedIn Users Now Have More Control Over Comments

LinkedIn users can now disable comments on long-form articles and report comments on any post

LinkedIn announced changes to its comments feature, which will allow users to have more control over the comments posted on their content.

To start, users now have the option to disable comments on any of their long-form articles. Specifically, once a user posts a long-form article on LinkedIn’s desktop site, they can click the Comment Settings icon at the bottom of the article and choose the “Disable Comments” option to prevent users from commenting. If comments already exist, they will be permanently deleted. Users can choose to allow or disable comments at any time.

While this option is currently only available on long-form articles, LinkedIn said it will soon be available on all posts on the professional network.

Elsewhere, users can now report individual comments on any article or post on the platform. Specifically, users can click the three dots next to any comment and click “Report” to report the comment. This causes a pop-up window to appear, where users can explain why they reported the comment.