LinkedIn Touts Mobile Momentum

On its way to 50 percent of traffic

LinkedIn’s mobile surge is coming. The company said today that this will be the year half its traffic comes from members accessing the professional social network by smartphones and tablets. In the first quarter of this year, mobile represented 43 percent of traffic, according to LinkedIn’s quarterly results announced today.

“In anticipation of our expectation that mobile will exceed half of total traffic later this year, mobilizing our technology infrastructure, engineering team and products remains one of LinkedIn’s most important priorities,” CEO Jeff Weiner said in a statement to analysts following the release of the quarterly report.

LinkedIn, while not profitable last quarter, generated $473 million, an increase of 46 percent year over year.

Advertising is the smallest portion of LinkedIn revenue, but it is growing as the company focuses on providing content marketing tools for brands to promote on the platforms. Last quarter, it launched a content marketing score that lets brands track how far their posts reach across the network and how to perform better relative to rivals.

LinkedIn also developed an API for brands and agencies to programmatically manage Sponsored Updates campaigns on LinkedIn. Sponsored Updates are LinkedIn’s fastest growing ad product that appear in users’ post feeds.

Here is a look at LinkedIn’s first quarter results:

  • Advertising, marketing solutions, represented 22 percent of revenue.
  • Ad sales reached $102 million, up 36 percent year over year.
  • 20 percent of ad sales were Sponsored Updates, up from 13 percent in the fourth quarter.
  • LinkedIn now has 300 million members and 142 million unique visitors a month.
  • Membership grew 36 percent year over year.
  • Job services, or talent solutions, represent 58 percent of the business, and grew 50 percent year over year.
  • LinkedIn gave revenue guidance of estimating $505 million this quarter.

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