LinkedIn Synchs Up with Ribbit Mobile Caller ID 2.0

Business-networking site LinkedIn linked up with mobile app Ribbit Mobile on a feature that synchronizes the latter’s Caller ID 2.0 capabilities with the former’s contacts, enabling the mobile app to call up information from LinkedIn upon recognizing that the caller is also a member.

Ribbit vice president of product management Dan Seyer guest-posted on the LinkedIn Blog to describe the integration. Highlights follow:

Today, when a call comes in or when you make a call, Ribbit Mobile reaches into the social Web and finds the recent LinkedIn updates, Facebook updates, Tweets, and Flickr photos of the person calling you. If more than one match is found, Ribbit Mobile will ask you to select the right person.

Entering your LinkedIn credentials allows Ribbit to search your professional network and provide real-time updates.

Developing with the LinkedIn API was very straightforward. OAuth allowed us to securely connect with LinkedIn and also present a “trusted” login interface that was familiar to LinkedIn users. This is the same approach we are taking to allow developers to create Ribbit Mobile apps with the Ribbit API. We’re looking forward to adding additional LinkedIn capabilities to Ribbit Mobile.