Only 15% of Workers Share Professional Accomplishments on Social Media

According to a LinkedIn study, people prefer to share their professional successes in real life rather than social media.



Only 15 percent of workers share workplace successes on their social media accounts, according to a study from LinkedIn and Wakefield Research. This number includes people who shared accomplishments on personal blogs.

Employees much prefer sharing such news in real life, with 61 percent of respondents telling their friends and family about their professional successes. Twenty-four percent reported celebrating outside the workplace with colleagues, while 29 percent don’t share such news at all, preferring to keep it to themselves.

Other insights from the survey include the fact that employees are more interested in small successes rather than large advances. When it came to everyday professional success, employees most valued work/life balance:

  • I have work/life balance – 63 percent
  • I have achieved a specific goal I set out for myself – 49 percent
  • I have flexibility in my role – 40 percent
  • I receive a compliment from my boss, colleague or client – 38 percent

When small successes are celebrated in the workplace, employees feel better about their jobs, and they work harder. Fifty-eight percent have an improved attitude in the workplace, 45 percent feel they do a better job, 32 percent stay with the company longer and 21 percent work longer hours.

To see some video stories about the accomplishments of LinkedIn users, visit the company’s here’s to your success page.