LinkedIn Rolls Out Useful Events Feature

After introducing two new useful features, LinkedIn Answers and LinkedIn Groups, here comes the business professionals’ social networking site again with an equally useful and greatful feature – LinkedIn Events. According to the LinkedIn blog, LinkedIn Events complete the triumvirate of useful features that business networking professionals would probably need. And like the previous two features, LinkedIn Events delivers with event-related features.

LinkedIn Events lets you find events, conferences and related happenings specific to your interests. LinkedIn’s system culls various events, conferences and seminars and gives you a list of those related to your career as specified on your LinkedIn profile. Think of it as a targeted advertising for business events. Whereas search engines serve you relevant ads related to your search history, LinkedIn Events serve you wth relevant events.

Other key highlights of the LinkedIn Events include:

  • In your LinkedIn Events browse page, you can search for events/conferences that you may want to follow based on the speakers, topics, conference organizer and other information. You can also filter your search results by industry, date and proximity of the events to your location.
  • LinkedIn Events also lets you find events that your professional network is planning to attend. This is useful in planning your networking activities.
  • LinkedIn Events also lets you indicate what level of participation your are contributing on a particular even – whether you are an attendee, presentor or exhibitor. Once you speficify this information, it automatically gets added to your digitail resume on your LinkedIn profile.
  • LinkedIn Events also gives you network updates on events of your professional network.

LinkedIn has proven again that it is a solid social networking site which does not only connects members from one another but moreso by providing relevant and highly useful features which are certainly valuable for individual business professionals in building their career-centric LinkedIn profile.