LinkedIn Rolls Out Changes to Developer Program

LinkedIn has enacted some major changes to its developer platform, ensuring a better experience for users.

LinkedIn has enacted some major changes to its developer program, ensuring a better experience for users.

Back in February, LinkedIn notified developers that its application programming interface (API) would be limited to these uses:

  • Allowing members to represent their professional identity via their LinkedIn profile using our Profile API.
  • Enabling members to post certifications directly to their LinkedIn profile with our Add to Profile tools.
  • Enabling members to share professional content to their LinkedIn network from across the Web leveraging our Share API.
  • Enabling companies to share professional content to LinkedIn with our Company API.

Those changes started Tuesday, LinkedIn’s developer network director Adam Trachtenberg wrote:

Several months ago, we announced some significant changes to our Developer Program, with the aim of ensuring the highest quality LinkedIn experience for our members. Starting today, those changes will begin to roll out.

We realize these changes are probably disruptive and disappointing for many of you, but we want to ensure you have the information you need about what has changed and provide some helpful troubleshooting tips to deal with any errors you are experiencing with your LinkedIn API integration.

If you have not yet adjusted your code, you will begin to see errors when trying to authorize a new member or renew an access token. You may also not receive all the data you expect.

Developers: How do these changes affect you?