LinkedIn Releases Version 3.5 of iPhone App

Professional networking site LinkedIn released version 3.5 of its iPhone app, saying it focused on improving its inbox and making it easier to keep track of network contacts.

Senior product manager Chad Whitney posted on the LinkedIn Blog:

One of the most important solutions we offer on LinkedIn is the ability to communicate with people in your professional network and beyond. We have built a brand new inbox to make it easier to respond to and manage your messages while mobile.

The new inbox offers quick access to viewing all of the messages you have received on LinkedIn, and a single tap lets you view all of your sent and archived messages.

Keeping track of what your professional network is doing can be a challenge when you have a large network of connections. It’s easy to miss important updates from past and present colleagues, and we wanted to enable you to “catch up” on a specific connection when it’s convenient for you. As part of this effort, you can now see the recent activity of any one of your connections right from their profile:

Like with updates, you can easily like or comment on any one of the updates, or reshare it with your own network if it’s something you know they’ll be interested in.