LinkedIn Releases Major Mobile Updates

LinkedIn has released major updates to their iPhone and Android apps, as well has releasing a HTML5-based mobile web app for access from other smartphones. The updates make the mobile apps easier to operate, faster, and more visually appealing.

The mobile apps are now organized into four areas: updates, inbox, you, and groups. Unfortunately, how navigation appears between those areas is different between the Android and iPhone apps. In both cases you tap the gray LinkedIn bar at the top of the screen, as shown in the screenshot, and with the Android and mobile web versions a button bar expands down to display buttons for the four areas; on an iPhone you see another full screen with the four different areas. I don’t know why LinkedIn would chose to make the apps so visually different.

As an Android user, I also dislike how the LinkedIn app does not use the Android Menu button, which is used by most Android apps to display app options. One way this really stands out is in changing the application settings. Normally on Android I would expect to tap Menu, Settings, but instead in the LinkedIn Android app you tap the top navigation bar, tap You, and then tap the Settings button at the top left of the navigation bar.

I do like the overall appearance of the LinkedIn app, and I find myself spending more time in it than with the previous version. The mobile web version does a wonderful job of providing the appearance and functionality of the Android app, showing the power of HTML5 for providing rich mobile web apps. You can access the mobile web version from an Android or iOS phone at

If you are on LinkedIn and don’t have the app installed on your Android or iOS phone, you might want to check out this free app, available now in both the Android Market and iTunes App Store.