LinkedIn Recently Joined the Political Fake Accounts Block Party, Restricting Nearly 40

There was no evidence of fake news or manipulative ads

A group of fewer than 40 accounts was recently on receiving end of a LinkedIn block mattjeacock/iStock

Using social networks to try to manipulate the political process isn’t limited to Facebook and Twitter, as LinkedIn head of trust and safety Paul Rockwell revealed in a LinkedIn post that fake accounts were recently removed from the professional network, as well.

According to Rockwell, LinkedIn’s trust and safety team recently “uncovered and restricted” a group of fewer than 40 fake accounts “that appeared to be engaged in efforts to connect with members who are in political organizations.”

Rockwell said there was no evidence that those accounts were used to spread fake news, “manipulative ads” or information on its platform, but “we don’t take their existence lightly.”

He added that LinkedIn also took down an account last week in which the user claimed to be a “well-known celebrity.”

For members of the professional network, Rockwell said the LinkedIn Help Center provides information on how to treat connection requests, and inappropriate behavior on the platform can be reported here, and he reminded users that they have the ability to remove connections.

Rockwell wrote, “We do not tolerate fake accounts, inappropriate activities or behavior such as spam, harassment or scams. We’re one of several teams that use a variety of tools to actively monitor our platform for bad activity … We take member reports very seriously, and take appropriate action on those that violate our terms of service or professional community policies. Our actions can range from the removal of content to a permanent restriction from LinkedIn.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.