LinkedIn Receives 23% of Unique Visitors via Mobile

Company beats estimates with $228.2 million in Q2 revenue

LinkedIn closed the second quarter with 174 million members, averaging two new members per second, with more than 15 percent of them enrolling via mobile devices, said CEO Jeff Weiner during the company’s Q2 earnings call.

Additionally, he said the company notched 131 million unique visitors in June, and 23 percent of the LinkedIn’s uniques come through mobile, he said. But just because mobile’s making up an increasing share of LinkedIn’s user activity doesn’t mean Weiner’s in a rush to throw ads at those users.

“It’s important to recognize that when we talk about mobile monetization, it extends beyond advertising,” Weiner said. Not that LinkedIn isn’t looking into that. In late June it began testing ads within the iPad app with Cisco and Shell. As for smartphones, Weiner stressed the importance of getting a mobile ad product right for the user experience, and that if LinkedIn does introduce ads to the mobile feed, it would need to “create value for the entire ecosystem.”

LinkedIn’s marketing solutions business increased its revenue by 28 percent from last year to $63.1 million. Besides, marketing solutions only made up 28 percent of the company’s total Q2 revenue, which jumped 89 percent year over year to $228.2 million and beat analysts’ estimates.

LinkedIn’s cash cow remains its hiring solutions business, which helps companies to recruit prospective employees through the résumé-laden social network. Hiring solutions saw its revenue rocket 107 percent year over year to $121.6 million, or 53 percent of LinkedIn’s total revenue.

And while 62 percent of LinkedIn’s members are in international markets, the U.S. still earns the company the most money at 65 percent of overall revenue. The region contributed $147.3 million, up 78 percent from last year.

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