LinkedIn Most Popular Platform for Adults

A survey of ANA members shows that LinkedIn is the most used social network, but Facebook remains a favorite.


MediaPost reported this week that LinkedIn is the social network for grown-ups. Based on a survey of advertising executives’ and Association of National Advertiser members’ own social media habits, they self-reported active engagement across platforms. However, the professional social network was the most trafficked during the workday. They write:

While Facebook and LinkedIn tied in terms of the share (92 percent) of ANA members using them personally, they were far more connected with others via LinkedIn (an average of 507 connections) vs. Facebook (an average of 385 friends)… While the ANA members are more connected via LinkedIn, far more described Facebook as being their “favorite” social network. Forty-five percent of the ad execs described Facebook as their favorite, followed by 19 percent for LinkedIn, 16 percent for Instagram, 12 percent for Twitter, and 6 percent for Pinterest.

They aren’t just perusing jobs, either. Respondents said they are “actively blogging” and posting content on the platform on a regular basis. The advertising execs know what they’re doing: They’re the ones pushing initiatives for other demographics to use platforms. The ANA survey showed that they were “voracious” users of social media and early adopters, testing out Snapchat and Vine more than “average Americans.” The survey also revealed Instagram to be an insider favorite as well:

The most important finding in this research regarding Instagram is that it is the favorite personal social media channel of millennials (meanwhile, Facebook is identified as the favorite by Gen X and Boomers). Seventy percent of millennial ANA members are on Instagram, versus 52 percent for Gen X, and just 27 percent for Boomers. Instagram is to millennials what Facebook is to Gen X and Boomers. Instagram is less time-intensive and relies more on visual imagery than text.

You can find the full report here, but you have to sign up first.