LinkedIn Pays $6 Million in Back Wages

linkedinIf you’re an employer, take heed from LinkedIn. It does not pay to violate the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Yesterday the Labor Department announced that LinkedIn has agreed to pay six million in back wages and damages to 359 current and former employees. In addition, the social networking site has also agreed to provide compliance training, educating employees and managers about a policy that prohibits working “off-the-clock” work.

Per an investigation, the company violated the act which requires that hourly employees get paid 1.5 times their regular hourly rates when work exceeds a 40-hour week.

The company apparently failed to track and pay select employees at their offices in California, Illinois, Nebraska and New York.

Per a piece on Fortune, a LinkedIn spokesperson mentioned that “talent is LinkedIn’s number one priority, so of course, we were eager to work closely with the Dept. of Labor to quickly and equitably rectify this situation.”