LinkedIn Opens Up New Search Platform to Everyone

After testing its new full-featured search platform for a couple of weeks ago, LinkedIn is now ready to roll out the new search feature to you and me, yes to all of use LinkedIn users. According to the official LinkedIn Blog, “the new search platform is redefining the way professionals go about finding talent, business partners, customers or a former colleague.”

Like we told you before about its new features, the LinkedIn Search Platform now aggregates all relevant professionals from the entire LinkedIn networks instead of your network only as the case previously. Hence, you don’t have to switch tabs anymore.

The new LinkedIn Search Platform also now puts emphasis on the relevance of your search results to you as a LinkedIn member. So, when you do a search, the most relevant professional is displayed first based on your preferences. This is done using a more robust personalized relevance algorithm being rolled out by the LinkedIn Search Platform.

Search results also display information about your commonalities with the person displayed in the search results. So, you’d immediately see if that LinkedIn member would be a potential business contact for you.

The most notable feature of the new LinkedIn Search Platform though is the “Save Search” facility. This feature does not only allow you to save search results but also gives you the option to receive alerts if new LinkedIn members meets the criteria of your existing search results. Of course this is a valuable tool for tracking new people who have joined LinkedIn.

The new LinkedIn Search Platform is now available for everyone. Feel free to try it and share with us your experiences in using it by leaving a comment below.

Via TC