LinkedIn Notifications Just Got New Features, Customization Options

Users can mute specific notifications, unfollow connections and turn off certain types of notifications

LinkedIn announced several updates to its notifications: a Daily Rundown notification, a weekly notification on how many people found users’ profiles via LinkedIn search and new customization options.

Senior product manager Naman Goel introduced the new features in a blog post Tuesday.

Goel said the Daily Rundown notification will provide users with a summary of the day’s top news.

LinkedIn introduced Search Appearances (pictured above) last month as a way for users to analyze how their profiles are being searched and who is doing the searching, and Goel said users will begin receiving weekly notifications with data on how many people found them via searches on the professional network, as well as the top companies those people work for.

Finally, LinkedIn added the following settings to give users more control over their notifications:

  • The ability to mute and unmute specific notifications.
  • The ability to unfollow specific connections directly via notifications, with Goel adding that the connections will not know they were unfollowed, and the two users will remain connected. Users can reverse this process by going to the unfollowed connection’s profile and clicking on follow via the menu in the top-right-hand corner.
  • The ability to turn off certain types of notifications, such as birthday updates or articles published by connections. Again, this can be reversed by scrolling to the top of the notifications tab on mobile or the left-hand side on LinkedIn’s desktop site.

Goel added that LinkedIn will soon add the ability for users to delete notifications they no longer wish to view. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.