LinkedIn mobile app now supports on-the-go job applications


LinkedIn has announced new functionality for its service on mobile, giving users the chance to apply for jobs directly from their iOS or Android devices. This move comes after the addition of job and company searching to the mobile app, which was added in July.

Using this new search system, users can search for jobs across thousands of different opportunities, and save those jobs for later viewing or apply directly on the app. In cases where the company requires applying on its own website, users will be given a prompt to redirect there; otherwise, applicants can quickly review their LinkedIn profiles for accuracy and use the information there to apply.

This LinkedIn profile info can be used to replace lengthy resumes when applying on the phone. The app instead uses your own populated portfolio, email address and phone numbers to create the final application. Saved jobs and those users have applied to can be viewed from the app’s menu after the fact.

According to LinkedIn’s Vaibhav Goel (as reported by Social Times), over 30 percent of LinkedIn’s users who view jobs on the website have come from mobile. At the same time, a large number of users who have never viewed jobs on the desktop version of the website are now viewing and saving jobs on mobile, as the mobile and desktop versions of LinkedIn continue to compliment one another.

LinkedIn’s portfolio expanded this year via the acquisition of Pulse, a news aggregation app. The new Pulse / LinkedIn team will work towards the creation of “professional content consumption products.”