LinkedIn Wants Its Users to Message Smarter, Not Harder

LinkedIn is adding smart reply technology to its messaging feature

Smart replies will debut in English on LinkedIn's app and desktop site

LinkedIn is adding smart reply technology to its messaging feature.

Product manager Arpit Dhariwal revealed the update in a blog post, saying that it will initially roll out in English on the professional network’s mobile applications and desktop site, with other languages to be added “in the future.”

Dhariwal said LinkedIn is using machine learning to craft its smart replies, adding, “We’ll show you suggestions that are more contextual and relevant to the conversation you’re having. We’ll suggest at most three responses based on the message you’ve received.”

As an example, he wrote that if a former colleague asks a user if he or she is available for coffee, smart reply suggestions may include, “Yes I am,” “Sure!” and “What time?”

Dhariwal added that smart replies will be even more personalized soon, saying that rather than simply suggesting, “Thanks,” LinkedIn may take things one step further and suggest, “Thanks, Joe!”

LinkedIn users who want to turn off smart replies can do so via their settings. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.