LinkedIn Launches iPad App With Bells and Whistles

Professional social network LinkedIn has finally launched an app for iPad.  As an iPad user myself I was startled when I found out I had to download the iPhone version of the LinkedIn app which, not surprisingly, was far from “retina display” capable.  The social network obviously has a lot on its plate, having gone public and serving 150 million users per month, but it’s great to see that they took time to reach out to iPad users with a native app.

The application is stylishly centralized by the “in” button in the top left corner, and when you click it you get to see a cool tutorial explaining how to explore the application, filter your updates and more.  The big surprise about the app is that your home news feed includes a lot more than just a stream of activity.  The app integrates LinkedIn news, a monitor of the Dow Jones, a calendar box which pulls from your Apple calendar.  It’s actually pretty surprising as well, because the application also pulls data from your connections’ Twitter accounts and the links they shared.  For instance I’m looking at an Android gaming article that was shared on a friend’s Twitter.  The whole thing loads right within the LinkedIn iPad app!  That’s pretty surprising and a departure from the previous app.

The layout is similar to something like Flipboard, where stories are laid in a newspaper-type fashion, and you flip pages to see more stories.  The quality of the stories LinkedIn showed were quite high, having picked popular stories from within my network.  The interface has a lot of white space and the whole thing feels top notch.  Kudos to LinkedIn on a massive upgrade.

If you were using the iPhone application on your iPad, the app will update rather than re-download, so that the iPhone version is replaced.  The application currently has only a 3 star rating, but that’s because the app is linked to the previous iPhone version which had some critical early reviews before they updated.  The app is worth the download, don’t let the rating fool you.

You can read more about the LinkedIn iPad App at their blog.