LinkedIn Launches Company Status Updates, Developer Program

Firms can share job info, news, videos

In a bid to boost user engagement and support marketers, LinkedIn today announced two new features at its Connect:11 event in New York.

Building on its Follow Company feature, LinkedIn launched Company Status Updates, which lets administrators of Company Pages send job updates, videos, industry articles, and more to members who have elected to follow the firm.

LinkedIn also announced a Certified Developer Program, which is a network of developers screened to help marketers, agencies, and companies use LinkedIn to connect with their audiences. The launch partners, including Buddy Media, HooteSuite, and Wildfire, offer a range of tools, such as campaign management, enhanced analytics, and custom applications.

In an interview last week, LinkedIn svp of global sales Mike Gamson told Adweek that its next efforts would focus around the Follow Company feature.

With a brand-friendly scale of more than 120 million professionals globally, he said, LinkedIn is ready to make a big push with advertising, including efforts that leverage the follower feature launched last year.

“We believe there’s an incredibly important moment right now in the world of online advertising,” Gamson said. “Right now is the moment of acquisition of a follower base.”

For the next year to year and a half, brands around the world will be investing in their follower and fan base “assets,” he said. Those that don’t join the fray now will find themselves at a disadvantage later on.

“We believe there is a finite number of brands that any single LinkedIn member will follow,” Gamson said, adding that he estimates that the number is in the low single digits, or a couple of brands per category. (The company is conducting research to get at an accurate number.)

In its release today, LinkedIn said its Company Pages include more than 2 million businesses and tens of millions of followers.


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