LinkedIn: Just Like Facebook or Twitter, But No One Hangs Out There Much

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner was no doubt partying like it was 2004 last week when his business social networking site, valued at $9 billion, launched the biggest initial public offering in recent memory. By the time you are reading this, Friday morning, traders will be able to use options as well.

National Public Radio got so excited about the IPO that it suggested this is another tech bubble, just like 2000.

So who is next? Besides Internet radio Pandora, and the usual hints about heavyweights Facebook, Twitter and Groupon, most signs point to Mountain View, California social gamer Zynga, maker of Mafia Wars, FarmVille, CaféWorld and the like, which is expanding so quickly it recently hired 800 new employees. 800! Rumored value: $10 billion.

Frankly we believe LinkedIn is all hat and no cattle, as the saying goes, but it managed to use great timing to cash in. It’s not like many people even remember to check their LinkedIn profiles, whereas they can be on and off Facebook and Twitter all day. But as long as the company is basking in the sunlight, you may as well dust off your LinkedIn profile and make it work a little harder for you.