Linkedin Jedi (And Job Hopper?) Shares His Secrets

Okay, it’s pretty cool that David Gowel has been so successful at using LinkedIn that he’s gotten a book and a startup out of it.

In this article from Inc, he shares five tips for making the most of the social network.

Tip #1: Don’t use people. “One of the first mistakes LinkedIn users make, says Gowel, is milking introductions from the start. ‘People generally know when someone else has used or is using them,’ he writes. ‘Treat people like the friends, contacts, and respected employees they are while you network, and not like the tools that you’re trying to manipulate.'”

Tip #2: Use status updates wisely.

Tip #3: Don’t try so hard to make that 3rd-degree connection a direct link. After all, we’re all six degrees away from Kevin Bacon, but that won’t mean he’d do us a favor, right? Maybe there’s someone you know who’s more intimately connected.

Two more tips at the original article.

But here’s what we don’t get: Gowel’s used LinkedIn to achieve “each step” of his multifaceted career path, from “civilian to military, from military to the NFL, from the NFL to real estate, and finally from real estate to entrepreneurship.” LinkedIn was founded in 2003, so Gowel’s changed jobs about every two years.

So does Linkedin help the average person who wants to find a job and stick with it for 5 or 10 years? Yes, surely—but we’d take a good look at Gowel’s strategy before deciding one size fits all.