LinkedIn Identifies Four Industries for Career Seekers to Avoid, Makes a Purchase

An economic survey from LinkedIn focused on industry trends found it’s a good time to be in the green tech or internet environs. The fastest-growing industries include renewables, up 49 percent; Internet, up 24 percent; online publishing, up 24 percent; and e-learning, up 15 percent.

It’s not so hot in the old school fields like publishing and making cars. Newspapers are in a sad and sorry state, winding up dead last on LinkedIn’s 2012 economic report, created in partnership with the Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) and released here on the LinkedIn blog.

The analysis measured the volume of job gain and loss by industry. LinkedIn’s data shows that Internet, healthcare, wellness and fitness, energy, IT, and renewables all continued their growth during the recession.

Though not on this list, we reported recently on PR’s appearance on the U.S. News & World Report list of best jobs. You can read more about that here.

The industries that are taking a nose dive are no surprise. Newspapers are down 28 percent, retail down 15 percent, building materials down 14 percent, and automotive, 12 percent.

LinkedIn also made headlines for buying San Francisco-based social media email company Rapportive. The purchase, which aims to “make email a better place,” was expected by tech watchers for some time and was rumored to be a $15 million deal. Rapportive makes information about your contacts available in your inbox, which I found helpful recently when I went to email a former newspaper editor of mine who now works for the Catholic Voice.

LinkedIn is up to 150 million members worldwide, according to the company. ZDNet offers up a few tips for generating more views on your profile.