LinkedIn Hits Big Milestone; Brands Could Flock Next

Networking site gets to 200 million after launching more ad products

LinkedIn has surpassed 200 million users, the firm announced today, while breaking out where they live for the benefit of advertisers and curious tech watchers. Seventy-four million are in the United States, 18 million live in India, 11 million reside in the United Kingdom and Brazil, and 7 million are Canadian.

In the U.S., 55 percent of total users—or 41 million—visited during December 2012, according to comScore. Marketers who are budgeting for LinkedIn ads in 2013 will likely want to take note.

Six weeks ago, the San Francisco tech firm rolled out an application programming interface (API) for companies to build out ad campaign tools for brands.

Though the lion's share of the company's revenue stems from recruitment and HR-related products, it will be worth watching to see if more brands take to advertising on the site during 2013 now that there are more options. According to LinkedIn's recent Q3 earnings report, revenue from marketing products totaled $64 million, an increase of 60 percent compared to the third quarter 2011.

LinkedIn's user growth is certainly eye-catching, as the company says it's picking up two new users per second or nearly 173,000 per day. It hit 100 million users in March 2011 and was only at 32 million four years ago.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn also provided some information for various other international markets. For desktop users, the professional networking site says it is growing fastest in Turkey, Colombia and Indonesia, while mobile usage is particularly impressive in China, Brazil, Portugal and Italy.

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