LinkedIn Has a Busy Week

While I was busy traveling around the country last week, LinkedIn was busy announcing new partnerships and new features. On Monday LinkedIn announced that they would be partnering with the New York Times. Their partnership enables two new features: the ability to receive targeted news headlines and the addition of LinkedIn to the Times’ share feature.

The targeting of articles is based on your profile information that you’ve entered on LinkedIn. The primary source of information is your industry. Once activated, you will see up to five articles that are relevant to your industry as embedded as illustrated below:

LinkedIn, NYTimes Screenshot

Unfortunately I haven’t tested out the new feature so I can’t tell you how well it works but the concept of targeted news is not a foreign one. For example the Seen This application on Facebook, enables users to find news relevant to them based on what their friends are reading. This is a big partnership for LinkedIn though as it could also help increase the number of new user registrations.

Last week LinkedIn also announced that they would begin offering the site in Spanish. This is the first new language that the site has launched in. In comparison to other social networks, LinkedIn has been relatively slow on the foreign language front. Both Facebook and MySpace have launched in multiple languages. Thanks to Facebook’s translations application, the site has been translated into 15 languages to date.

Finally, LinkedIn announced that they will begin integrating with Xobni, which has been hailed as the most useful email add-on, and LexisNexis. The partnership with Xobni emphasizes something I was discussing almost two weeks ago: the social platform race is really a race to my contact list. The faster that these companies can make my contact list accessible anywhere, the faster that they make my reliance on them as a service more critical.

While the Facebook news last week may have quieted some of LinkedIn’s buzz, the new partnerships did not go unheard. LinkedIn is still clearly one of the primary competitors in the social platform wars. Last week’s announcements by the company emphasizes their continued dedication to rapid expansion.