LinkedIn Groups for eBook Authors, Publishers & Readers

LinkedIn will make its IPO this week, joining the New York Stock Exchange with the new symbol, LNKD.

To celebrate the professional social network’s first step into the public market, we’ve compiled a list of 20 LinkedIn groups for eBook authors, publishers, and readers–a handy introduction to the world of LinkedIn. We’ve compiled a list of 42 LinkedIn groups for publishing professionals as well.

If you want to join these groups, follow LinkedIn’s Finding and Joining a Group directions. Here’s an excerpt: “Group managers may review your request to join or ask for additional information to make sure you meet their membership criteria. Membership approval is solely up to the group manager.”

1. Ebooks, Ebook Readers, Digital Books and Digital Content Publishing: Book Publishing professionals interested in latest industry news and experiments on ebooks (e-books), ebook readers, digital books & content—creating/developing, marketing & sales: what’s working/not, what are you trying, expand your network, improve your resources, discuss business models and more.

2. Digital Book World: Digital Book World offers a variety of educational and networking resources for publishing professionals from all across the industry to learn new skills, stay on top of the latest technologies and trends, and connect with other professionals, no matter where they work or live.

3. University Press E-Book Publishers: This is a group of university press publishers  that are making e-books available either through direct sales to  customers or through vendors. This will be a forum for open discussion  about our experiences in this emerging market.

4. Practical Issues/How-to SUBGROUP (a subgroup of Ebooks, Ebook Readers, Digital Books and Digital Content Publishing) For book publishers that want to know how to actually publish and market eBooks. This group is focused on the practical issues of 1) how to produce ebooks, 2) how to distribute ebooks and 3) marketing ebooks.

5. Nook Book Exchange: Got a nook? Need a book? This group is dedicated to nook readers interested in exchanging titles.

6. E-Book Marketing SUBGROUP (a subgroup of University Press E-Book Publishers) This is a subgroup where the discussions can focus on the marketing of e-books.

7. EBOOKS/Softwares: This Group is for share eBooks(e-book, e-books, ebook, ebooks, digital book, digital books),Video tutorials,Links of Best sites for Software & ebooks, knowledge & provide the links of Ebooks which can be downloded FREE , And here we help each other in all ways.

8. E-Books / E-Book readers: When you enjoy e-books [or ebooks] and have a cybook, ilead / iliad, iPad, sony, kindle, hanlin lbook, starEbook, soribook, Eslick or any other brand of ebook reader / eReader [eReaders] / e-reader [e-readers] or consider buying one, join this group to share idea’s, links, recommendations and tips.

9. Plastic Logic: Plastic Logic enthusiasts interested in industry news on e-reader, e-readers, ereader, ereaders, e-book, e-books, ebook, ebooks, digital book, digital books, e-paper, epaper, e-ink, eink, digital content, plastic displays, flexible displays, plastic electronics, flexible electronics

10. E-reading Forum: The Forum brings together professionals involved in shaping the high growth e-reading industry. A place to network, share ideas and start discussions; from technology to business model innovation. Related to ereading, ereader, e-reader, book, books, ebook, e-book, digital publishing, content.

11.Ebooks, Ebook Readers—Entrepreneurs SUBGROUP (a subgroup of Ebooks, Ebook Readers, Digital Books and Digital Content Publishing) A discussion on business development for entrepreneurs/micropreneurs from start-up pitches and micro financing to sales and guerilla marketing.

12. eBook Market: This Group is for all those • Professionals who provide eBooks conversion service. • Authors who want to market their eBooks. • Readers who want to know about new eBooks. • Publishers looking for cost effective eBooks conversion service.