LinkedIn Gets Serious About Their “Follow Company” Feature

LinkedIn is about to get a whole whack of very valuable data.  The network, with over 100 million professional users, is giving those users the ability to follow and like their favorite companies, just like Twitter users follow and retweet their favorite celebrities.  The difference is that LinkedIn is full of this generation’s technology leaders, and getting to a million followers first on LinkedIn could mean a whole lot of business.  More after the jump.

LinkedIn announced today at their Conect:11 event in New York that they’re allowing companies to send status updates to that company’s followers.  Specifically, the feature is called Company Status Updates, and it allows the company to reach out to its followers with news about performance, jobs, or whatever else the company would like to broadcast.  This further emphasizes the new challenge for companies: becoming human.  If these status updates become mechanized PR stunts, nobody will follow them.  Good community management will be as essential here as on Twitter.

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