LinkedIn Gets a Makeover

LinkedIn has finally updated their design and interface and have added a brand new developer platform that enables developers to spread the utility of LinkedIn across the web. On my site, I previously suggested that Facebook’s grouping features would be the downfall of LinkedIn. That still could be the case given that I have personally added most of my business colleagues as contacts on Facebook. Conversely, I have also added them as contacts on LinkedIn.

So which network ends up on top? Right now LinkedIn only has my business contacts and a few friends that I have engaged in business with. Facebook on the other hand has a collection of business, social and family contacts as well as fans of my AllFacebook blog. Currently I have no way to organize my contacts on Facebook so that means LinkedIn is still the more organized location of my professional contacts.

Eric Eldon states that, “You’ll see connections from friends from other social networks like Myspace and Hi5 show up in LinkedIn.” I’m not quite sure adding my MySpace contacts to LinkedIn is such a great idea. The last thing I want is to pollute the last unpolluted social network that I’m a member of.

One really sweet feature that has been added to this LinkedIn update is via a partnership with Business Week. While reading articles on their site, you can see how you are connected through LinkedIn to the companies and individuals mentioned in each article. That definitely makes the news much more personal. Additionally, LinkedIn has released a newsfeed that mimics Facebook’s newsfeed. I have a feeling that the newsfeed is going to become a standard across all social networks.

Eric Eldon has hyped this up to the biggest launch since the Facebook platform. He may be right but it definitely is not the biggest announcement since Facebook’s platform. The biggest announcement would have to be MySpace’s platform announcement. Whatever similarities and differences LinkedIn and Facebook have, one thing is certain: the battle for leader in professional social networking is far from over.

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