LinkedIn for iPhone v3.0 Debuts

LinkedInForiPhone3.jpgLinkedIn for iPhone v3.0 is now available via the iTunes App Store, and LinkedIn vice president of search and platform products Adam Nash posted a detailed description of the app’s new features on the LinkedIn Blog.

Highlights from Nash’s post:

The minute you launch the new application, you’ll immediately see the difference. We’ve worked to bring the most common and important features to the top of the application to make it easy to get what you need as quickly as possible. We wanted to make sure that even if you only have 30 seconds to spare, you can get something done.

LinkedIn for iPhone v3.0 includes a completely new search interface, making it trivial to easily find people whether they are in your connections list, or one of the 55 million professionals who now belong to LinkedIn.

The new application has revamped the profiles screen to quickly provide you: a summary of details about the person; a review of their education and experience; a list of the people that you both know in common; and the ability to mark that person as a favorite.

The new Favorites functionality makes it incredibly easy to keep track of people, so you can find them later in seconds. In addition, all of the new Updates views let you filter your updates to see only updates from your favorite people.

This new application also features a redesign of our updates functionality, giving you up-to-date intelligence about your network. There are now four modules to help you quickly check your updates: All Updates, Status Updates, Profile Updates and Discussions. You can even filter your updates to see only those from your favorite connections.

The Connections feature has been enhanced, as well. Now your connections are just a touch away, and you can easily send any of them a message on LinkedIn. If your connection has a matching entry in your iPhone contacts, their phone numbers and email addresses will automatically show on their LinkedIn profile. You can now also choose to download your connections into your iPhone contacts, and the application will alert you when you have a new connection who has not yet been downloaded.

Leveraging the new Bluetooth capabilities in iPhone 3.0, In Person allows you to find and connect with other people running the LinkedIn application in real time.

This application represents just the beginning of our mobile efforts in 2010. We’re just putting the finishing touches on our first native application for the Blackberry and planning a long stretch of mobile products and enhancements in the year ahead.

TechCrunch points out that LinkedIn for iPhone v3.0 resembles the Facebook app for the iPhone and adds that the app’s new main screen features 12 main buttons: “All Updates,” “Status,” “Profiles,” “Discussions,” “Connections,” “Favorites,” “Inbox,” “Invitations,” “Recents,” “Reconnect,” “In Person” and “Themes,” with the latter three being brand-new.

Mashable wrote:

Perhaps the coolest addition to LinkedIn 3.0 is the “In Person” feature. It’s a lot like the Bump iPhone app: Using a Bluetooth connection, you can transfer contact information and automatically connect with someone else almost instantly.

And ReadWriteWeb pointed out a few potential features that LinkedIn for iPhone v3.0 lacks, saying that the app does not inform users in any way when their contacts get new jobs, that it is difficult to merge LinkedIn contacts with already-existing iPhone contacts, and that it doesn’t enable push notifications.

Nash responded to ReadWriteWeb on Twitter, saying:

We’ve discussed all three of these enhancements internally. Some are harder than others. All in the queue…Rest assured, we wouldn’t have broken out profile updates into its own module if we didn’t have big plans for it. 🙂